[Collator Introduction] StakeBaby

StakeBaby Collator Introduction


We currently run collators/validators in Moonbeam, Moonriver, Shiden, Calamari, Bifrost, Kilt, Polkadex, Syntropy, OAK, Mangata, and Matic.

Contributions & Tools

StakeBaby has contributed to the Dotsama ecosystem by creating and running services such as:

stakeglmr.com, stakemovr.com, stakebnc.com, staketur.com, stakeztg.com - Staking, analytics, and personal account dashboards based on our own indexing platform.

polkawatch.io - An alarm platform for watching nodes.

Uptime & Failover

StakeBaby always runs 1-2 backup servers in different datacenters, operates its own private telemetry, and uses automated failover based on AWS services:

Without proxy accounts: Collator Failover for Moonriver Nodes | by Ioannis Tsiokos | Diversified Validator Network

With proxy accounts: Automatic Validator Failover with One Microservice | by Ioannis Tsiokos | Diversified Validator Network

StakeBaby Mission

We believe that collators need to be more than node operators. In our view, collators must be able to

  • Write software and interact programmatically with the chain
  • Invest in branding, content, and software tools for delegators
  • Write smart contracts for advanced risk management
  • Help other collators by sharing their tooling