[Collator Introduction] Mile

Dear Centrifuge community,
I have been running a validator on Centrifuge from July 2020 by the name Mile. Before starting on Centrifuge I was running a validator nodes on Amber for a few months, which was back then a requirement to get RAD tokens to start validating on Centrifuge.

I have been running Centrifuge validator from the early start and would very much like to continue as a Centrifuge collator.

My collator address:
Mile: 4gmupa4cA9cQdMK2mV4LWZVF24iK2ADGQzzimcFsYaWyajkQ

I am also running a validators on Polkadot and Kusama (2 validators), where I am participating in the 1000 Kusama and 1000 Polkadot validator program with 100% uptime.
I am very active in democracy on Kusama and Polkadot by voting and discussing the referendums and proposals in the Element chats.

Furthermore, I have experience as a collator since I am an active collator on Astar parachain from the very start.

If you need any additional questions, please write here or in the contact details below.

E-mail: mherceg@protonmail.com
Riot: @matherceg:matrix.org