[Collator Introduction] InchainWorks

InchainWorks is a team with a strong professional background in IT. We have been contributing to the security of the network since the launch of FLINT and AMBER testnet networks two years ago, by participating as a validator in both of them, and then as a validator in the Mainnet.

We first introduced ourselves here almost 2 years ago: validator-introduction-inchainworks

We have contributed extensively in recent years to the blockchain scene in various projects (DPOS/POS) by running testnets, full nodes, as well as developing blockchain tools (monitoring, self-balancing, automatic reward distribution… ) and maintaining a blog in French about the projects we are working on.

We offer a hybrid approach to infrastructure which consists of having multiple public clouds from different service providers, while taking into account redundancy as well as uptime through setting up a backup node for each node we operate; that will take over in case the main one is malfunctioning.

We are currently running nodes on various projects such as Kusama, Edgeware, Shiden, Kava, Irisnet, E-money, Desmos, Bluzelle,Ethereum …

We would like to be part of both Centrifuge and Altair projects for the long term.

Website: https://inchain.works
Email: contact@inchain.works
Twitter: https://twitter.com/inchain_works

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