Collaboration on a blog post

So I noticed a whopping 100 rad for a blog post reviewing elements of Centrifuge.

I looked at that I’m like all in, but I’m also American and can’t submit for the mining. So was like I can collaborate if anyone is down who is eligible to submit and then we can split the tokens. So is anyone down?

We can collaborate, discuss the product post. We all win. Wins all around. :pick: :radioactive:

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Do you know where the blog post should be submitted?

There is nothing on the post to where and they have allocated 1500 rad for blog posts I think. Doing the math on the drop 2500 and they list that 1000 will be granted for likes and posts that are well received. So I figure it could be a blog post anywhere subject to council approval. Do you want to collaborate?

** all bounties are subject to council approval/opinion

Ok sure
As you said it seems to be a win win

O sweet send me an email. It’s super secret so don’t spread it around it’s :computer: :partying_face:

congratz man, I’m still trying to get enough likes :frowning:

I’m from South Africa and would love to collaborate


Ok let’s collaborate! It’s all about working together. How do you want to get in contact?