Code4rena: Centrifuge Findings & Analysis Report

Centrifuge Findings & Analysis Report

About C4

Code4rena (C4) is an open organization consisting of security researchers, auditors, developers, and individuals with domain expertise in smart contracts.

A C4 audit is an event in which community participants, referred to as Wardens, review, audit, or analyze smart contract logic in exchange for a bounty provided by sponsoring projects.

During the audit outlined in this document, C4 conducted an analysis of the Centrifuge smart contract system written in Solidity. The audit took place between September 8—September 14 2023.


The C4 analysis yielded an aggregated total of 8 unique vulnerabilities. Of these vulnerabilities, 0 received a risk rating in the category of HIGH severity and 8 received a risk rating in the category of MEDIUM severity.

Additionally, C4 analysis included 39 reports detailing issues with a risk rating of LOW severity or non-critical.

All of the issues presented here are linked back to their original finding.


Auditing this codebase and its architectural choices has been a delightful experience. Inherently complex systems greatly benefit from strategically implemented simplifications, and I believe this project has successfully struck a harmonious balance between the imperative for simplicity and the challenge of managing complexity. I hope that I have been able to offer a valuable overview of the methodology utilised during the audit of the contracts within scope, along with pertinent insights for the project team and any party interested in analysing this codebase.

Full report available here: Code4rena | Keeping high severity bugs out of production