Cantina: Centrifuge Security Review

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Risk assessment

Security Review Summary

Centrifuge is the infrastructure that facilitates the decentralized financing of real-world assets natively on-chain, creating a fully transparent market which allows borrowers and lenders to transact without unnecessary intermediaries. The protocol aims to lower the cost of borrowing for businesses around the world, while providing DeFi users with a stable source of collateralized yield that is uncorrelated to the volatile crypto markets.

From Oct 5th to Oct 19th (10 days + 1 day extension) the Cantina team conducted a review of liquidity-pools on commit hash 836f03b3. The team identified a total of 20 issues in the following risk categories:
• Critical Risk: 0
• High Risk: 0
• Medium Risk: 5
• Low Risk: 4
• Gas Optimizations: 0
• Informational: 11

Cantina Managed review by:
OxLeastwood, Lead Security Researcher Sujith Somraaj, Associate Security Researcher
October 27, 2023

Full report available here: