Claiming AIR rewards from Kusama crowdloan

Hi Arthur,

As for the amount of bonus rewards, I believe the reason is referral bonuses - if that address, that you use as an example, has many referrals, they will get 5% of every referrals contribution. So that’s an important factor to take into consideration. In other words, if 100 people all contribute 10 KSM, they could all get 100 different amount of AIR rewards because of the referrals.

Regarding the NFT bonus, it was mentioned that the Heavyweight bonus would be given to the first 1500 people who contributed 10 KSM or more. If you contributed the very first day, you should be guaranteed that reward.

You can check if your wallet address is on this list then you are among the top 1500.

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Yup, looks like whoever took those screenshots had some nice referrals :slight_smile:

NFT heavyweigh bonuses are on there way — a bit of a delay because the NFTs have some artwork / creative direction in process, so thank you for your patience here!

I am stuck ,got the same problem,I have 2 accounts on kusama but it is connected to kusama relay chain with different account.But i have contributed with second one.Can you please help me how to fix it.
Thank you

You can disregard the screenshot from MattM - you don’t have to do like on that screenshot.

You have to change the chain for the account, that you contributed your KSM from, to Allow use on any chain in the Polkadot.js.extension like on this screenshot:


Then go to the Altair crowdloan page and claim your rewards (if you haven’t done that already).

Lastly go to the portal, change the network to Altair (and maybe update metadata first).

If you follow the instructions in the top post, step by step, there shouldn’t be any issues.

If it still doesn’t work, I would need more specific information about the issue to assist you.

I can only see polkadot adress there.I can not find KSM STASH or any other account.
evey time centrifuge website connect with main kusama relay chain but not my another kusama adress from where i contributed.Is there any video or anything that helps me.
than you

Then you probably haven’t imported your KSM account to the extension.

Remember that 1 account = multiple wallet addresses. So if you have an account on Polkadot.js. extension, you basically have a wallet address for every supported network. You can change the chain to display the address format that you need (DOT, KSM, CFG, AIR etc.). Accounts and wallet addresses are explained in this post.

If you still can’t manage to solve the issue, please send me a DM in Telegram as I would need screenshots of what you’re seeing so I can help you. You can find me in the Official chat.

Thank you for your help i did it.

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Hi guys. I finally allowed the updated the metadata and still showing 0 AIR under polka
What do I do ? Sorry but I found it to be overly complicated, like you need a master of engineering to juts claim something you should have because of the contribution. Frustrating. I’m sure it’s me and others did it easy, but still man. What a pain to get something one should have str8 away . Can anyone help me pls?

I was able to get it done without much stress following the tutorial they posted. I don’t think it’s that complicated.

If you go to this link here Centrifuge: Real World DeFi after doing all that you have done, connect your wallet for the croadloan, you should be able to see the claim button.
I hope this help.



If you want to claim AIR you just should connect your wallet and click Claim.
That`s all!

I am unable to claim my reward from the kusama auction, I used clover wallet to participate for the auction and I am unable to transfer wallet keys to polkadot js, and clover wallet is not connecting to Centrifuge: Real World DeFi

Please what should I do?

You cannot claim with Clover wallet and I doubt that you used it to contribute with - you have to use the Polkadot.js extension to claim your rewards from the claim page. If you don’t have the Polkadot.js extension, you have to install it and then import the KSM account that you used to contribute with (using your 12 word seed phrase).

Note, that Clover wallet can conflict with Polkadot.js extension, so you might have to disable it in order for it to work.

Follow the instructions in the top of this post, step by step, to claim your AIR rewards.

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Good night Crypticwii

I suggest you to contact Clover support and ask them what you should to do in this situation.
Also I would like to suggest you to delay claiming. In the future very probably Clover will support Air and you will be able to claim your rewards as well.
Unfortunately, but Clover is not the best extension on the internet and conflicts with any other extension installed.

Awesome, this is really helpful.
Clover worked fine for the contribution of crowd loan process. The problem is transferring my clover Ed25519 keypair seed phrase to Polkadot js. Polkadot js only supports Sr25519 keypair seed phrase.

I will contact clover support. Thank you for your help. God bless.

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This is not true that polkadot work only with SR25519 account type.
You can use soft or hard derivation path.

2 days ago I helped one user to import his account from parity signer to Polkadot via Derivation path!

Polkadot-JS Apps Standard* User-Defined BIP32 sr25519, ed25519, secp256k

As you can see ED25519 is supported



I will check this out. Thank you.

Check this one too.
Feel free to contact me. I will do my best :wink:

checked this, Polkadot js extension does not support Ed25519

Hello. When I claimed the rewards, an error occurred and the Altairs were not transferred to my account. Could you tell me how to fix this problem or what steps should I take?