Centrifuge Pool Party #1: Databased Finance

Hello Centrifuge Community,

Grab your suit, a floatie, and dive into The Pool Party!

The Pool Party is a new monthly event for Pools to tell their story directly to the Centrifuge Community and to spread the message of real world assets being funded through Decentralized Finance.

The Pool Party provides:

  • A platform for the people managing Pools atop the Centrifuge Protocol to tell their story, explain their business model, and share their vision of the future.
  • An opportunity for the Centrifuge Community to dive deeper and build relationships with the organizations and the people that are financing real-world assets in DeFi through the Centrifuge protocol.
  • A place for DeFi participants to ask questions and understand the size of real-world assets and the value they provide to the decentralized finance ecosystem as a whole.

As this is the first Pool Party of many to come, we’re excited to launch this new event with Databased Finance, led by Rob Torti and Stuart Corby, who are managing the databased.FINANCE 1 Pool on Centrifuge.

Databased Finance is a platform that connects e-commerce sellers in need of fairly priced growth financing with yield seeking, decentralized finance (DeFi) investors.

By utilizing asset backed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain, the Databased Finance platform opens crypto capital to real-world-asset data based financing.


  • Pool Team and Experience
  • Macro Discussion on Pool Industry and DeFi’s Role
  • Business Model, Asset Class, and Pool Structure
  • A Customer’s Perspective
  • Company Vision & Future Growth in DeFi
  • Why Centrifuge and How the Community Can Help


:point_right: Pool Party Zoom Video Invite

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:point_right:Join the Databased Financed Discord Channel

If you have questions in advance of the Pool Party, please write them in the thread below to contribute to the discussion or join the Databased Finance Discord Channel above.

Let’s dive in!


Wow!! Excited for everyone to get such a deep dive into what our pools are doing.

let’s mentally envision…


Thank you!
I will participate for sure Zoom Party!

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