Poll: Pool Party Driven Financial Corporation

Good day Centrifuge Community!

The proposal to POP Driven Financial Corporation to present a Pool Party.

This poll follows the preliminary RFC posted here:

Following recommendations and governance process we would like to ask Community vote via off-chain voting.

Would you like this POP Driven Financial Corporation to present a Pool Party?
  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

The poll remains open until 27.06.2022.
Thank you for voting!


Thanks everyone for voting.
The poll was closed with 7 votes Aye and 0 Nay.

@simkps – with the Poll passing, we should move to next steps to establish a date and time for your Pool Party. cc @mser who could be helpful in establishing a process and timeline for this so you’re best prepared.

Encouraged by this Proposal and excited to learn more and dive deeper into how this can work through Centrifuge.

@ctcunning Thanks, we are connecting with @mser to establish a data and time for the Pool Party