Centrifuge Launches Fixing Finance Campaign to Bridge Gap Between TradFi and DeFi

Excited to share our Fixing Finance campaign that just launched! :partying_face:.

Fixing Finance celebrates the equally important roles of TradFi’s Suits and DeFi’s Hoodies partnering to build a better and brighter financial future for all. Real change can’t happen unless the two worlds merge, and Centrifuge is uniquely positioned to help drive this evolution the campaign, running through Q4, consists of many unique elements

  • website - offers visitors an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of tokenization through informative and fun content, including insights from Coinbase, Base, S&P and Chronicle Labs among others
  • video - takes a humorous look at the differences between DeFi and TradFi professionals and the power they bring when collaborating toward our financial future
  • report - "How Onchain Securitization Will Fix Finance” authored by DAO member, @yieldkollector, that outlines tokenization today and where we’re headed
  • quiz - see if you’re a suit or hoodie and mint your NFT!

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/centrifuge/status/1714330418130895080
LinkedIn - New campaign: A Tale of Suits and Hoodies. Watch the video, read the report, mint your NFT. | Centrifuge posted on the topic | LinkedIn

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We’re all doing our part to FIX FINANCE! :clap: