Centrifuge Insights – An analytics dashboard for the Centrifuge ecosystem

:cyclone: Introducing Centrifuge Insights :cyclone:

Hi folks, we are EMBRIO.tech and we are happy to announce our close involvement and active contribution to the development of Centrifuge Insights: a comprehensive open-source analytics dashboard visualising the status of the entire Centrifuge ecosystem and its DeFi asset financing platform.

Figure 1: Early version of centrifuge insights

We’re excited to support the community with this endeavor, by delivering high quality data and meaningful visualizations about the project.

  • What is Centrifuge Insights?
    A collection of charts, KPIs and comparisons assessing the current status of the CFG ecosystem, its investment pools and visualizing their development over time. At the current development stage, users navigating to centrifuge insights, are first shown a list of all pools registered on chain, with their characterizing details such as: name, logo and current pool value. By selecting a particular investment pool, a detailed view is loaded including:
    - an about section displaying pool infos such as the underlying asset class, the executive summary and important links to further official information sources;
    - a history section, showing historical data about the pool development (NAV, liquidity reserve, …), funding development (inflows and outflows) and returns (evolution of tranche specific APYs)
  • Who benefits from Centrifuge Insights?
    Centrifuge Insights positions itself as a tool for supporting potential investors, enthusiasts and community members in the process of gathering a better understanding on the project as a whole and closely track the progress of the overall project and its investment pools.
  • Who is EMBRIO.tech?
    We are the agency for digital innovation based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our mission is to achieve faster and successful innovation with web technologies. We strive to rapidly transform ideas into testable and tangible solutions for our users. For this project we work in close collaboration with the Centrifuge core development team, and make sure we steer our commitment on the developments mostly impacting the growth of the project as a whole.

We are keen about your feedback and improvement ideas, so feel free to share them with us.

A very early “staging” version (with few data points) is available under the following link:

You will find more info about Centrifuge Insights and its ongoing development in GitHub:


Hi! This is wonderful, and I’m very excited to see it in action once pools start launching on Centrifuge Chain!

With Tinlake (on Ethereum), I’ve extensively used the subgraph / graphql to programmatically retrieve data on pools. Is there an equivalent that will be open for all to use here? I.e. if we want to query a dump of data to run analytics on pools, assets, etc.

Thank you!


Hi Devin,

It will be similar here. The indexing back-end is based on https://subquery.network/ and it is possible to query the data with graphQL.

Here you can find more info about the indexer, its data model and the development endpoints: GitHub - embrio-tech/centrifuge-subql: Subquery for Pools on Centrifuge Chain and Altair


Thanks for the UI

Can we report somehere what the historical price development of the TIN token resp. DROP token for each issuer has been?