Centrifuge DAO: Seeking a Treasury and Resource Expert


We are looking for someone to take up a leadership position in the Centrifuge DAO in the domain of Treasury and Resource Allocation.

As often happens with roles in DAOs (complex, emergent beasts), this will be an iterative process of working with the other key people involved in financial underpinnings of the protocol to clarify out the key deliverables and time frames of the role.

Please don’t apply for this role if you’re not proficient in; self managing your work, seeing opportunities, activating groups of people, and operating in complexity… (i.e. you must know how to DAO).

Primary Focus

  • Formulate and propose the overall treasury and resource allocation strategy to the DAO

  • Propose spending goals and priorities in alignment with goals and priorities of Centrifuge

  • Explain implications and give opinions on proposals made to the Treasury

  • Provide modeling on what the Treasury can do over time

  • Evaluate risks for the Treasury

  • Provide reporting about Treasury Request/Spending/investing for Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4.

  • Build a group to support this strategy, attain a mandate from the DAO for the activities of a group and attract members

  • Communicate regularly with the DAO about Treasury and Resource Group activities

  • Communicate, support and educate the Centrifuge DAO in the areas of Treasury management and spending.

  • Excite and activate the DAO relating to good governance of the Treasury

  • Manage and plan assets in the CFG Treasury: CFG, Stablecoin

  • Formalize the legal aspect of swapping and changing CFG

  • Create a strategy on diversifying liquidity provisioning for the Treasury

  • Planning the Treasury spending in a DAO and modeling the sustainability of the DAO based on the token revenue model

Secondary Focus

  • Lead the CFG reward process, researching scenarios, getting input from experts and the broader DAO and proposing rewards
  • Providing financial modeling of CFG rewards
  • Support in the development of a business model for the DAO

Must have skills:

This position is suitable for a DeFi native with experience in accounting and crypto-economics and would suit you if you have experience in the management of DAO Treasuries.

  • Self-organizing and self-starting!
  • Sees the opportunities and needs and finds the most strategic way to get the work done
  • Expertise in token economics
  • Understanding of Centrifuge: quickly learns Centrifuge’s priorities and strategy
  • Can communicate plans, represent the group well in public discourse, and active others in the DAO
  • Experience in DAOs/decentralized governance
  • Proposal analysis
  • Financial reporting

Desired Profile:

  • Truly inquisitive, wants to build something from the ground up, and isn’t scared of new challenges
  • Background in finance/accounting


TBC, dependent on experience


Please email kate@centrifuge.foundation with one paragraph articulating why you are a good fit for this role :vulcan_salute: