Cauris Finance - Pool Update

Dear Centrifuge Community,

We are writing to provide an update on the status of Cauris Global Fintech Fund 1 through Q1’ 2023.

Cauris is a financial-first impact investor. As such, we only invest in Fintechs extending access to financial services to traditionally underserved SMEs and entrepreneurs. Fintech as an asset class is an extremely sound investment opportunity in terms of its ability to generate strong financial returns alongside compelling social impact. This is true not just because Fintechs are innovating and outcompeting traditional financial providers in the markets in which we work. It is also true because Fintech’s business models enable them to responsibly and to profitability provide life changing financial services to the emerging global middle class.

Consequently, we’re pleased with the performance of each investment individually and the performance of the pool overall, particularly given global macroeconomic conditions. As we all know, markets have shifted dramatically over the past year, and every corner of the globe has been impacted by economic challenges. However, despite these challenges, our Finntech investments—catalyzed by the support of the Centrifuge community—have shown resilience. They continue to generate consistent and predictable returns for you as investors, while also acting as “financial inclusion force multipliers” for end borrowers in the markets in which they operate.

Pool Snapshot
Global Fintech Fund 1 seeks to generate robust risk-adjusted returns—uncorrelated to crypto markets because yield is generated by real-world productive assets—by providing secured loans to Fintechs that lend to consumers and small businesses in the Global South and Europe

Performance Snapshot

  • Fintech investments continue to perform strongly and have a 100% repayment rate
  • The pool is in compliance with all pool-related covenants
  • We successfully existed one investment (Float) and recycled financing into another investment (Yofio)

Regards on behalf of the Cauris investment team