Altair Council Service Level Agreement

Runtime Upgrade 3 has enabled democracy and those who made an ‘Intro’ to submit their candidacy.

For now we ask that anyone submitting candidacy to commit to this service level agreement :

  • Commit to voting on all referenda with a rapid response time - especially for fast track motions
  • Agree to serve with the best interests of Altair at all times
  • Have enough AIR to participate

Some other points to pay attention to:

You need 100 AIR to set your identity on chain and 500 for your candidacy

  • This is forfeit (burnt) if you don’t secure a seat.
  • We will set up a verifier for identity

There will be 9 council seats and 9 runners up.

Please post your address as a reply in your Forum intro after you have submitted candidacy

Good luck :seedling: