2021-05-06 Community Call #12 | Tinlake Features | ConsolFreight

Community Call #12 | Tinlake Features | ConsolFreight

This is the community Call for YOU if you are interested in the Tinlake product AND the real world implications of what we’re doing together in the Centrifuge ecosystem!

First, if you have questions and feedback about Tinlake: pool size, yield, liquidity, protection, concentration, and CFG rewards and why each of these metric matters, join us to experience a detailed walk through by Product Owner Dennis Wellman.

Then we’ll hear from Ernesto and Alejandro from Asset Originator Consol Freight about their journey with Centrifuge and how they’re changing the business trajectory for the small businesses they work with.

Together Centrifuge and ConsolFreight have been strengthening an essential part of the global supply chain (think Covid supplies!) and they will explain how becoming an asset originator on Centrifuge helped enable this. They will share some of their stories, pool opportunities and important terms and are keen to hear your input.

We’re also excited to share that ConsolFreight is the next in line to be onboarded in the MakerDAO governance cycle to connect DeFi to Real World Assets :fire:

Join us Thursday the 6th May, sit back and relax to hear new and crucial information about the Centrifuge network!

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Looking forward to seeing you there and if you have questions before the call please ask them here!

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Hi @Kate_Bee !

I would like to know from Ernesto and Alejandro if (and in case of when) they plan to introduce TIN-tokens for investors in CF4?
In November I asked already and Alejandro answered, that they consider to open TIN for external investors when the pool is more mature and has grown in size.



Hello @Kate_Bee,

  1. In term of CFG reward distribution, please can the team update on current state of rewards as voted previously?
  2. Sometimes, the Tinlake dashboard does not represent the true picture of pool in terms of its oversubscription or availability? It may be due to pending epoch or pending daily dashboard updation or AO pending pool updates etc. New onboarded investors do come with this query. Any thoughts to streamlines this as well in future?
  3. Since Centrifuge is partnered with Circle, are we looking for future investment pools in form of USDC stable coin similar to DAI? Any thoughts on whether the integration of Visa with USDC for transactions/payment settlement in anyway boost adoption for Centrifuge/Tinlake Pools?

Hey thanks @hardik - Great questions, thanks for posting.

Question 1. Yes we’ll comment on this in the call but basically the short answer is that the cap is 5.5M CFG and we’ll post another forum discussion similar to this before the reward limit is reached so that the community can decide. Is there any specific question related to this that you need an update on?

Question 2. Yes! @denniswell (Centrifuge product owner) is leading part of the call and can comment on what is happening with product improvements related to these questions. :ok_hand:

On Question 3 (USDC > Tinlake) I’m curious to hear what You think Pats?
Centrifuge is a player in an ecosystem where composability and decentralization are key and thus the more liquidity available to Asset Originators the better. What do you see the integration of Visa with USDC doing for Defi and Tinlake pools - would you be up for starting a Forum post in order to describe what you’re seeing and generate a discussion? :seedling: :cyclone:


Video from the call on May 6th is up here on Youtube
Community Call #12 | Tinlake Features | ConsolFreight

Enjoy :cyclone: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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