[Validator Introduction] gLAd

I’m gLAd to introduce you a validator gLAd :slight_smile: I’m a part of validators group Stake.SU
We all live in the same country and city and are united by similar thoughts and ideas.

I started with these testnets:

  • Quarkchain
  • NKN
  • Noia
  • Nucypher
  • Elrond
  • Harmony
  • Matic
  • XX-Network (eliXXir)
  • Robonomics
  • Coda/Mina
  • Kira Network
  • and others

And now I’m running validators in next MainNets:

  • Solana
  • Kusama
  • The Grath

I’m using dedicated servers Hetzner, OVH. Also I have home-run server (some networks do not want servers in cloud providers and ask to run servers at home)

I believe Centrifuge and wanna be part of it. Let’s create the future together!
You can contact me on the below