Tin APY historical overview

Hi guys, currently the APY of TIN token for CF4 is -48%, however that’s only due to two assets not repaid yet so it will probably be a temp issue.

Is there a way to see the historical development of the APY (90 days average) of the tin token of CF4? I’m curious to see the APY percentage before these two assets were overdue.

At last: this historical insight may be a good addition to the analytics of CFG as a whole (if not already available).



Hi Roy.

This is a very good question we recently discussed internally in Discord. As I am not 100% about the answer, I asked if the UI from Centrifuge Insights can deliver such an overview. The thread can be found below

@RoyCrypto11 I am not sure how familiar you are with subgraph queries but you could potentially grab this information off chain by running a query like this on the Tinlake Subgraph.

Query example:

    first: 1000
    skip: 0
    where: {pool: "0xdb3bc9fb1893222d266762e9ff857eb74d75c7d6"}
  ) {
    day {

One note about the subgraph, it requires all addresses to be lowercase :slight_smile: