RFC: Founding Documents of the Centrifuge DAO

But what if the GMs were on-chain? :thinking:

Kidding, of course. But as the CVO of GM on Kusama, I had to ask :joy:

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First and foremost, thank you so much for tagging me with the links @ImdioR :handshake:

As a DAOist in ChaosDAO, I can tell you first hand that we have made similar strides to organize ourselves and wanted to give you and @Rhano some real kudos for putting together such a clean, easy to understand document. It details the vision and articulates how we will get there together as a community :raised_hands:

And, as someone who has become a regular / mainstay on The Kusamarian’s AAG show each Monday, I am clearly a fan of governance in all of its forms. I’m being honest when I say this: I don’t think I’ve met any other parachain team who puts this much thought and effort into on-chain governance the way the Centrifuge / Altair team does. You both have done a phenomenal job with this, and I would be remiss if not also thanking the core contributors as well, so shout-out to @Kate_Bee, @lucasvo, @akhan and @Davidutro for their work on this endeavor as well :clap: :clap: :clap:

Looking forward to the community meeting today (and in the future)!


Ryan / Phunky


Hello everyone! Congrats for Founding Documents that you all wrote! They are awesome and impressive!

I have only a little feedback: in the document, it is indicated that it’s possible to change level of engagement, but it seems that are missing the evaluation process details about this increase on contribution (also maybe a specific process to evaluate various requests that will be sent). For some actors (collators, protocol and DeFi partners, CNF team, etc…) maybe this process is not so important, but in some cases could be helpful to have a specific and detailed level of engagement to be considered in a category or on another (I agree with “quality rather than quantity” but a minimum level of contribution requirements, only as a starting point, should be provided in order to avoid discussions).

Hope this is helpful to improve the fantastic work you already done! :heart:


Thank you ImdioR for you kind and informative response. much appreciated and will take it upon my self to read again the Document Part Three: Levels of Engagement and try to be more active and fruitful :slight_smile:
galaxy mission is a great start (test run?) and it doesn’t matter if its for the Chines community atm. if it goes well it will flow to the rest of the community. great to hear that.
I I think it’s a great way to bring people in (if done in the right way and… timing). I understand people has the responsibility to go and research, go in depth… BUT with all the different options, the lack of technical skills or experience (that can be bridged/acquired easily & in a playful way) , etc. people just get lost, lose interest/motivation and don’t get the opportunity to make a real connection or habit to be developed (3 weeks++/-). In test net and onboarding users, people participate and enjoy more when the process is with clear structure and being guided in a playful way. Lots of words. will check in to see if I can support.

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Many of us in here are no technical or financial experts and we had to start to learn Centrifuge from the scratch. Some of our early ambassadors created user manuals & guides for a quick orientation to help onboarding new users to the ecosystem:

As well we want to deepdive into RWA with Q&A from industry experts

In general the forum is a great way to gather information and get the most important infos you need.

I can recommend the monthly summaries for a quick overview of the latest events, news and updates.



Hey everyone,

finally, I go the chance to have a look at the founding documents. I can just say that this is really an impressive piece of work and a great foundation for the future development and growth of the DAO.

I really thought for some time if I can make any additional suggestions or improvements - but is already perfect as it is apart from some already made comments from other community members. I really appreciate the hard work you are doing here and I am really proud to be one of the first collators! :slight_smile:

It’s really rare to see a project care about decentralization and its proper bootstrap that much and I deeply sympathize with that.
So thank you for putting this up and I am looking forward to what the future is going to bring for Centrifuge!


Hello Pmensik and thank you for your feedback.


This was really a very big and complex work (thanks to all: authors, contributors, interviewers and etc). Apart from the interview that we did and the feedback that we received from different members, i think that we were able to make the right quintessence without overwhelming and at the same time without missing the relevant information.


Yeah, totally agree, I was actually surprised that the document itself is not that long and yet sends a clear message :slight_smile:

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Let’s rip.

I think the spirit and intention of these documents is inline with our culture and what the community wants to build.

A great place to begin and no doubt will be perfected and amended over time.


this is the right way to go

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HI @Rhano @ImdioR its a great doc…clear and well defined.

However i would like to make a few suggestion.

  1. Given the project is largely wrt providing (tokenizing) credit…in the defined roles it may be prudent to highlight the role of members in the credit selection/ evaluation process. Currently i don’t see any mention of a role related to credit.

  2. Also it might be prudent to break up the organization/DAO into divisions…like BD, partnership, credit, governance, onboarding, tech etc etc and highlight which category falls under which of the 3 engagement buckets.

  3. Finally even though we have mentioned: “People are involved in Centrifuge for various reasons, with different ambitions, interests, and levels of engagement. Some actively participate in all aspects of governance (discussion and voting), some only in certain parts of the project and others don’t actively participate at all. In order to keep our discussions constructive and productive, and to engage people on relevant matters who have relevant expertise, we propose these levels of engagement.”
    The takeaway from this is not very clear. What is the objective of part3: levels of engagement ? What action are we recommending ,if any, for the reader? Is there a roadmap for a contributor to increase his role in the DAO viz a viz this doc? Maybe if such questions are addresses elsewhere than it may be a prudent idea to share a link here for additional reading.

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Hi @CM13, appreciate your feedback!

The members in the credit evaluation process are categorised as group members (e.g. the Credit Group).

Most of these you mention would fall under the k/f team which is the entity working on the Centrifuge protocol - but definitely good feedback to make these roles more clear.

The purpose of part 3 is to define the types of engagement in the DAO - not encouraging any particular action - and their privileges. This will ensure that people with the relevant expertise and engagement will have access to the appropriate channels to discuss the development of the protocol and keep the conversations constructive. Anyone can increase their Level of Engagement, depending on their commitment and/or expertise.

Good day CM13 and welcome to our forum!

Are you aware of our POP process and Credit Group?
POP: RFC: POP V2 (Pool Onboarding Process, Version 2)
Credit Group: Introducing the Centrifuge Credit Group

The Credit Group will make a report (Optional) for each pool that will be onboarded.
You can find all members of CCG in their introduction posts.

You are right CM13!
We have Governance and Coordination Group, Credit Group, K/F (Developers), Centrifuge Foundation and etc.
All of them described under:

  • Ambassadors
  • The CNF team
  • The k/f team
  • Moderators
  • Certain group members and partners

First of all, i think that we should aim for quality, not quantity.
Any advice that i can give as a community member? Definitely actively participate on the forum, discord, social spaces, Community and Governance Calls and other AMA events inside and outside the DAO.

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Thx @Rhano and @ImdioR for the prompt response and sharing some links !! I will look them up !! look fwd to further engaging in the governance call.


Good day :raised_hand:
Thank you @CM13 , @LucaPoggi for highlighting us unclear aspects.
Based on feedback that we received GCG elaborated a little bit better on the part of Changing Levels.

Hope that now this part is more clear.
Thank you (and everyone who contributed) again for the important feedback :hugs:

Changed part:

Criteria for Changing Levels

Passive Contributors → Active Contributors

Any Daily Contributor can invite a Passive Contributor to become an Active Contributor - via a consent based vote - if they fulfill either of the following criteria:

  • Their contribution to the DAO requires access to specific communication channels
  • They contribute regularly to the development of the protocol
  • They participate actively and regularly in Governance/Community Calls, Forum discussions, AMAs, live events with quality input

Measuring regularly and quality input can be challenging but we define regularly as consistent and stable contribution over a period of time - and quality input means giving constructive feedback on proposals/ideas and coming up with new ideas for how to improve the protocol/DAO and expand the ecosystem.

Passive Contributors/Active Contributors → Daily Contributors

In order to become a Daily Contributor, a DAO member would need to be part of the aforementioned entities and/or contribute to the development of the protocol on a near daily basis.

Active Contributor → Passive Contributor

DAO levels can be changed for several reasons:

  • Personal decision. If a member no longer wishes to be a part of the DAO or would like to contribute less.
  • Inactivity. After 90 days of inactivity, the level of a contributor can be decreased.
  • As a consequence of violating the CoC.

Inquiries regarding access and level changes should be addressed to the GCG.


Thank you for the additional details and more focus on this! Well done!

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Congratulations to the Centrifuge team. I have had the privilege of working with various Centrifuge team members of the past few years. I recognize the value that Centrifuge brings to the finance space, as well as the many additional steps that need to be taken. I hope that I can contribute to the Centrifuge DAO in some meaningful fashion.


Hi christiancdpetersen. Welcome to the Centrifuge DAO!

As you are new here, do you mind telling us a bit more in what way you worked with Centrifuge before in the community introduction below? :pray:

Yes, in my capacity to provide legal support for Real World Finance at Maker DAO in 2021 and 2022, I worked with Centrifuge to prepare a model trust indenture for Centrifuge financings with MakerDAO. Trust Indenture and Deep Dive on Centrifuge Indenture Trust and Successful Collaboration

Most recently, I assisted MakerDAO in the BlockTower $150M financing utilizing Tinlake. Here and Here


Awesome to see you on the forums @christiancdpetersen. I enjoyed working with Christian while he was at Maker and can firmly say he played a pivotal role in pushing the RWA efforts in Maker to where they are today.

Will be great to have you as a resource to our ecosystem.

I imagine it will be a busy year for us in 2023, so should be plenty of opportunities :sunglasses: