Real World DeFi with Centrifuge: Our Protocol Roadmap

Lucas presents the protocol roadmap with key enhancements for investors, borrowers, and community members to solidify Centrifuge as a DeFi pioneer!


Hello! I’ve shared a proposal for 4 themes that we can organize our work on Centrifuge around. Focusing on these four themes this year will set Centrifuge up success. I am curious to hear what other community members think and hope we can use this as a framework to discuss future functionality of Centrifuge.

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Hi Lucas.

That’s a tough question. Imo all 4 themes are crucial to the ecosystem but if I have to choose two of them I would go with

  • Scale pools on Centrifuge
  • Increase utility for CFG

Bridging liquidity to ETH and DOT for pools, staking to launch pools and rewards to incentivize users of the protocol are big topics on their own

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I agree with @Tjure07, I think all 4 of these should be a focus because they are all important. If I had to rate them, I would go in this order:


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I should have been more clear, I think all four are major topics that we all must work on. I think roughly grouping our work into these four categories is helpful to structure conversation and prioritize topics.

Should we create a poll to give the community the chance to prioritize between the 4 themes?
After that we would be able to rank the topics in an ascending order (just like Kirill did)

I don’t think this is a useful exercise for now. I think these different topics still need a lot of work before we can really start prioritizing some of them. Ultimately doing a public prioritization of them wouldn’t be super helpful when we don’t know what’s feasible to do. I published this framework so we have a structure on which we discuss new functionality as we plan and implement it.

First of all, hello, congratulations on the Parachain migration. As you know, I was protesting the project on some issues. Now that there is parachain migration, it is necessary to be more serious. Even though I protest in good faith the centrifugen of which I am an investor, it may incite others to malicious action. Having 500,000 cfg votes on my proposal in the previous referendum worried me about the safety of the project. For these reasons, I end my protests. I will do activities that can be more beneficial for the future of the community. For this reason, I will make various suggestions and criticisms while determining our roadmap.
First of all, since the project was sold on the coinlist, the investor profile mostly consists of investors who are far from developing the project or using it as a utility token. Various trainings can be given to these investors and they can be encouraged to use centrifuge. If I need to give an example from the projects I am ambassador, preparing various article translations for local groups, preparing youtube videos, preparing animations, making award-winning quizzes about the project can encourage more active participation of the community in the project. For this reason, if a program is started for the local ambassador on the roadmap, it would be healthier to control the negative behaviors of the fudder people in the community and to contribute more to the goals of the project. Don’t think that I want this for myself. I will not apply when such a program opens. I just wanted to share the part that I saw missing in the project.

Teşekkür ederim for the congratulations!

Let’s work together and unite all forces to make this ecosystem a big success.

All positive suggestions and proposals are welcome