Pool Party - New Silver NS3

Calling All Swimmers to the New Silver (NS3) Pool Party!

Super excited to be back and introduce New Silver’s 3rd pool on Centrifuge, NS3, which will be launching imminently! Here is the link to the proposal, which was reviewed by Cynthia Zhang in this POP report!

We wanted to extend an invitation to the pool party, below. See you all there! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Pool Party Details

Where: Use this Zoom link to attend (no registration required): Launch Meeting - Zoom

When: Next Wednesday, March 27, 3:30 pm Central European / 10:30 am Eastern time

Who: Every DAO member and potential member welcome!


  • AMA with the New Silver team
  • Learn about the state of US real estate markets
  • Learn about investing in the pool

Be there, or be :black_large_square: Launch Meeting - Zoom


Vote with the link below to make your voice heard on this proposal!