Poll: Incentivising participation in Governance and Community Calls with NFTs and POAPs

Thank you very much Flink! Feel free to add any comment :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing the valuable feedback TheMarcus! I totally agree with you, I also found out the issue that all of the crypto projects need your attention, and I remember that I have spent more than 15 hours a day in it before, since there are so many new things in all different projects, only on Polkadot, we might have 100 projects (that is probably the parachain projects, not counting others not winning the parachain), plus another hundred of Kusama projects :slight_smile: Compared to stock market, it is much easier to get a lot of tokens in different projects, and I think I start to forget what I have invested in, haha, hopefully I would get some surprise in the future! The POAP might be a good thing for people to keep track of what they have done, instead of forgetting that they have spent time on a project called centrifuge, and when they see the news about how good it is after 2 years, they will come back and find the POAP and realize they are part of it! I wish to make some friends on my Web3 trip :slight_smile:


Thank you for your input @TheMarcus!

You bring up some valid points regarding time and participation, I actually agree with you here - and to my understanding, the participation is something that most projects struggle with. The NFT’s are a great way of creating awareness of governance and incentivizing people to participate, but they won’t add more hours to the 24 that are available to us.

But I do think that we can improve the participation - both motivating those, that are already active, to contribute more in the discussions in the Forum, but also encourage newer community members to start being active (both off-chain and on-chain). Being active doesn’t mean that people have to dedicate a lot of time in the governance process; it can be something as simple as just voting with their CFG/AIR in public referenda. This is not something that will require a lot of effort and when we look at the current level of participation in on-chain governance, we are not doing too bad, so let’s just say that there is room for improvement.

You seem like you have a lot of ideas and bring up some interesting points and on top of that, you are a long term supporter. We have a Governance Call Thursday 16th June - why don’t you join and continue the “stupidly long reply” there? :laughing:


@DrCAO - Yes, I’ve been in that position a few times. WTF do I actually own?? :sweat_smile: It can be quite tough to keep track of everything one owns across the spectrum (tokens, NFTs, airdrops, yield farming, etc, etc). I’ve had a few situations where:

  1. a token becomes 100% worthless b/c they opted to migrate to another chain or forked or something. I didn’t get the news and the claim period ends and then I’m stuck holding the old token, or

  2. a new token is airdropped b/c I’m staking another token, but I didn’t hear about it and the claim period ends and I miss out on the valuable airdrop (this happened to me with Osmosis on Cosmos).

Never fun when this stuff happens.

@Rhano - The challenge it the motivation part. The goal is to convince people that spending part of their 24 hours in a day on your project is better than doing one of a thousand other things. Right now, as I see it, the things that motivate people are 1) money which is obv quite popular in the crypto space, and 2) fun which everyone ultimate likes doing (think GameFi, PFP NFTs, etc). If you can bake one or both of those items into the request, people are more likely to oblige.

I agree that participation doesn’t have to be monumental, but to get people to do even the simplest of things requires that it be VERY QUICK AND EASY to do those things. If you can use as little of a person’s time and make it very easy to do something, you might get them to actually do it.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that crypto needs its own version of Proxy Vote. A system that tells you when there is a governance vote for a project you are invested and makes it SUPER SIMPLE to view the proposal and quickly vote. 1 … 2 … 3 … BAM! You’re done and back to watching Netflix or playing games or whatever else it is you would rather spend your time doing.

I’ll be on the June 16th call. Happy to continue the convo. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your feedback, Matthew. Always appreciated. You are right with the involvement of the community. Imo it’s impossible to keep up to date and be really active in more than a dozen projects. Investing in a project and buying the token but not participating in governance or being more active in the community is something different. If you want to play an active role plus you want to change something with your personal intput you should choose a handful of projects only (my 2 Cents).

Another problem in crypto: the space is more or less isolated. If you have the community within the space it doesn’t mean you reach investors from “the outside world”. Any idea to attract more investors from the stonks market or other traditional markets?

Will POAPs and NFTs increase the participation in ecosystem calls? For sure in the short term but the ones who truly understand the vision and the goal of Centrifuge will stay for longer.

If you got more thoughts, add them to the comments! The thread is not limited :smiley:

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Absolutely interesting thought. Do you know that on Altair a pool will be launched soon where artists/investors can deposit their NFTs for financing?

Maybe this is the kick off for future utitlity of the NFTs :wink:


Maybe it’s easier if we have and embed e-mail like the governance forum of Polkadot or Kusama that ask for votes

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I am not familiar with the embedded email. Do you have an example for that?

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Could also offer a treasure hunt / rebate of sorts on the POAP . Say an individual attends 20 meetings or participated in a bunch of tasks and earns the POAP . Once 25 are gathered they can then send to contract in exchange for # CFG . (1000cfg = 10 POAP)

Good day Mrwhite
A good idea to collect POAP and probably in the future, we could add some more functionality.

But I completely don`t support any exchange POAP to real CFG.
Because in this case, we will not grow a community that is interested in Centrifuge, Altair DAO but only users who will only collect POAP with an only reason to swap them.

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Hi mrwhite.

Although I like the idea of collecting POAPs from meetings to get a bonus I agree with @ImdioR that incentivizing collectors with CFG as rewards is no good idea.
Participating in calls and especially being active in the whole governance process requires attention and engagement. Giving the option for future (financial) rewards may attract users only for this purpose.

What do you think of the possibility to reward a special POAP (for silver/gold etc. participance) in calls?


Thank you all for your contribution and support, the proposal “incentifiving participation in Governance and Community Calls with NFTs and POAPs” is now successfully closed! Overall, we have got 58 votes on the proposal related to POAPs and also 58 votes on the proposal related to NFTs, and the result is super-majority approval for both of them! We have got a lot of feedback, and we will consider each of them for the future, and the next step is to work on the POAP NFT and start the POAP NFTs distribution in the next Governance and Community call, I hope to see each of you there (at least 50 of you since we will make 50 POAP NFTs)!


I love POAPs, thats why i conneceted today :smiley:
The nft idea have worked for kusama, see @GovPartRewKSM on twitter
they have increased participation in governance, but this has been fictitious, since many of us only vote because we want the nft. Some even vote without knowing why they vote. The idea of increasing participation by giving nfts is interesting, but it must be articulated well so that it is not only collectors who participate (not bad) and do not even read what they participate in.

Finally, if we are part of the dotsama ecosystem, it would be best to give nft in kusama, either using singular or kodadot

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