Overcoming KYC hurdles

Currently, we first need more capacity on the supply side.

But thinking ahead, I think the biggest hurdle on the demand side is the KYC + account obligation.

In this thread, I would like to explore, discuss and learn about ways to bring the Centrifuge pools to a much broader non-KYCed DeFi world.

Similar to how Nexus Mutual and their NXM governance token, are now available as wNXM and arNXM. While their insurance products themselves are available through Armor. So both their token and insurance products are available to the non-KYC crowd whilst still staying KYC/AML compliant on the base protocol.

The governance token CFG won’t be an issue in the current design. However, the pools would be much more interesting if we can make them more composable and accessible to DeFi.

Would love to hear ideas! (or againsts)