MarktiLend Credit Pool Proposal

I have a Proposal for a Pool Offering that I would like to submit to Credit Committee. To whom should I submit?


Hi @MktLend, thank you for message and welcome to our forum!

I have moved your topic to the Intros & Opportunities section of the forum. Please elaborate on your proposal here in your post so the DAO can see and comment on it - that would be the best way to proceed from here.

Thank you.

MarkitLend is a US Investment Advisor specializing in private credit. We focus on consumer finance loans originated on the Prosper and Lending Club platforms. We’ve been running this strategy for friends and family since 2011, initially in separate accounts and since 2017 in a US LP.

Over the last 7 years we have averaged a net return to investors of 7.5% per annum. Now we are opening our product to external investors.

We propose to operate a pool investment for Centrifuge Investors. Proceeds invested in the pool will be invested dollar for dollar into the MarkitLend US Consumer Credit Fund.

Our recent fund overview and suit of investor materials is available on our website.

I am open to suggestions as to how best to structure the offering to meet the needs of the Centrifuge community and I look forward to discussion at earliest convenience.

I am thinking about 2 potential structures:

I’m thinking along the following lines. Tell me what your thoughts are

Structure 1

Loan to MarkitLend
Minimum amount $ 5 mn
Security - Residential real estate plus investments in the Lending Fund, the total being 100% of the money invested.

Loan tenor, 3-5 years, ammortising annually, revolving (i.e. investors can re-invest)
Coupon 6%

Note - 5 year A bonds pay about 5%, 5 Year B bonds pay 7%.

Corporate bonds are unsecured, this is a secured transaction.

Looking at the Centrifuge site it seems the coupon envisioned is in line.

Note - I can engineer a coupon closer to 7.5% if AUM is least $20 mn. or tenor is 5.

Structure 2
This is a straight AUM managed investment. The underlying is either our Fund or an SPV. The returns can obviously be 7.5% or greater, but can also be less, so there is some risk.

We would look to raise at leat $20 mn, but ideally we would like to get to $50 - $100 mn with this kind of offereing. We are not bound to take a particular minimum.

Thanks for the feedback,

Michael Sonenshine

Assets invested can be externally verified.