Legal obstacle to centrifuge?

Hi, I’ve already read the majority of Centrifuge contents out there. One among the remaining questions I have is that after companies are provided with the loan from Centrifuge, they will have to swap those loan (such as in DAI) to real world money such as through DEX in order to use the money in their business operation right? And my question is that will the money a company earn through this process be included as your company income tax? I’m from Thailand. I have already read my country’s lawsuit regarding the topic and found out that tax seems inevitable even though the money we earn from Centrifuge is still just a loan. Does companies already borrowing money from Centrifuge have to pay tax for the case?

Thank You :slight_smile:


Hi RUtopia,

Thanks for the good question.

We cannot advise on specific tax obligations of issuer companies.

But I can say that the pool issuers are generally using a broker-dealer such as Genesis for the USD-DAI conversion rather than a DEX. We don’t think that the pool issuers are making a profit on these transactions as these are likely processed on a same-day basis so we would not expect there to be tax consequences.


Got it!! Thanks a lot for your answer.:pray:t2: