Introduction and ask for help/support to discuss a use case

Dear Centrifuge Team,
I just registered Centrifuge some minutes ago, and like to talk with you about the possibility of setting up a fund with you. The company I work for might be interesting in this alternative funding solution.

Could please someone get in contact with me to have a conversation of how it might be possible?

Kind regards

Hi @Ben_Riverty, thank you for your post and welcome to the Community!

When you say setting up a fund, do you mean to launch a pool to finance Real World Assets through Centrifuge?

And could you say a couple more words about your proposal?


Hi Benjaimin!

Welcome to Centrifuge! First of all I would like to recommend you to take a look into the Pool Onboarding Proposal-process because Centrifuge is not the right platform to raise funds in the traditional sense. The post shared might a useful check to clarify if Centrifuge is the right platform for your company.

If this is the case, please go ahead with the POP template & criteria

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us in Discord or continue here in the thread :handshake:

Hey Tjure, thank you so much.

I will familiarize myself with the posts. Since I am not experienced at all and would speak to other people in the company, I am wondering whether it is common to have a call or Vico to talk in person about the requirements and process. I am in discord as well, maybe to continue the conversation there.

Hey Rhano, thanks for your swift reply.

Yes, the company I work for, more specifically the finance department, is currently thinking of alternative refinance sources next to our credit lines.
We have an appetite for a kind of short term invoice financing,

  • term between 30-90 days,
  • portfolio volume x€ mio.,
  • default rate below 1%

Since the company and group I work for is rather new to DeFi or Crypto, Web3 in general there isnt to much knowledge available, paired with some worries.
I will have a look the posts Tjure recommended, and like to ask you the same. Would you be open to continue the conversation in Discord maybe even having a ViCo?

Thank you for the clarification @Ben_Riverty.

I am not the right person to discuss your queries with as I am not part of the Business Development but I can clarify a couple of things.

We currently have a POP (Pool Onboarding Process) that @Tjure07 just linked to above but there is a V2 on its way and we recently had a call where we discussed what it could look like and you can read about some of the input provided to that in this post (there is also a link to the call in this post).

Maybe @ctcunning or @roollie can answer some of the questions you might have.


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Thanks, I do have a call now, however will continue to explore the topic tommorow and happy to contact @ctcunning and @roollie, it is nice to make your acquaintance.

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It would be great to have more content and insight into the company through the Forum here. Thanks for all your interest.

Good morning @ctcunning, hence I am just evaluating the various possiblities existing to refinance our activities, I would prefer not giving too much company insights publicly at this moment.
I am still collecting informations about possible scenarios and partners to inform the Heads of Risk and Finance.

We have a need to re-finance xx€ mio. portfolio on an recurring basis.
Our default rates are rather low, less than 1% (POD x LGD) of outstanding portfolio at any given time.
Strong experience in debt collection and consumer scoring.
Consumer credits 30-90d outstanding

What else would you need or like to know?


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No worries at all, I think that’s enough for now given you’re still in the evaluation stage and exploring possibilities.

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