Inheritance on Centrifuge

I’ve been thinking about the different use cases of Centrifuge, the common idea being to provide fast liquidity in exchange for real world collateral which may be tied up for longer periods of time. One thought that popped up is inheritance. I’ve heard many times that inheritance can sometimes take years to sort itself out. Perhaps with Centrifuge there would be a way of getting part of the inheritance early on… what do you think?


Sounds like this is a proposition to use a property as collateral for borrowing, i.e. unlocking appreciation value or re-mortgaging rather than inheritance. I confess I was imagining Centrifuge to be set up to handle shorter term borrowing (with commercial debt predominantly) but sure, why not longer term use cases? Good idea.


What I’m thinking of would enable heirs to get an advance on their inheritance, with the assets of the inheritance being used as collateral.