How do you turn real world asset to NFT?

Is there any way to explain how do you turn for example real estate to NFT? How this would be technically done? Real estate brings regular rent income. It is real world asset. Please tell me step by step how this would work in Defi.


Maybe the developer documentation helps you further and can answer some of your questions:



I have the same question. I have assets I would like to finance by turning them into an NFT. Commercial Property with a 5 year lease paying quite good yield (between 5 and 9%), plus capital gains. No cap gains tax in New Zealand. My LLC can host the title and manage the property, although there is very little management required.

I have been reading through and find almost no step by step process that will allow/guide me through how to become an asset originator, apart from a lot of technical info.

There seems to be no guidance about how to harness this fantastic opportunity. I watched the youtube video and it does seem Iā€™m in the right place, love to know more about how to break down the NFT and create a pool for investors.

Some basic, non jargon step by step understanding, or process please?


Nick, let me know if you find out more in your research. I believe this is very interesting and exciting new era in finance, but maybe we are too early.

Hello Nick.

It seems you really are in the right place. I recommend sending your proposal to

There someone can discuss with you the possibilities for your assets and will help you further which next steps need to be taken


Hi eastbiz,

please contact the Centrifuge Team to further discuss your inquiry:


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