How Can I claim my KSM kusama bet on the auction

Dear Sirs,

Do you know How can I claim the Kusama used in the crwodloan. I have bet in the Altair crowdloan direct through webside Altair.

Thanks, Ignacio

Good day Criptokoki
You can claim your tokens on the official website.

All information regarding claiming, links and guidelines you can find here:

I try to do it, but something went wrong, and I can not do it

Could you help me

Hi @Criptokoki, you probably need a small amount of AIR to cover the transaction fees. If you send me your wallet address in DM, I can send you some AIR so you can pay for the transaction.

That should fix it.

Yes, please send me your wallet address

Altair address


Many thanks!

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Done, please try to claim now.

Thank thanks for your support, now I can do it. :grinning:

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Another question:

How can claim my 1 KSM bet in the crowdloan?

That has already been transferred back to your wallet automatically 60 days ago.

You can check this on Subscan.

I don’n have it.

This is my wallet in Kusama


You received it 60 days ago and you can check it here.

Look I don’t have it

That is because you made a transfer of 2 KSM from your wallet 47 days ago (13 days after you received your 1 KSM).

thanks for your help.


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The parachain Calamari have returned the Kusama?, Because I have bet 1 KSM

According to Subscan you received 1 KSM back from both Altair and Calamari.

Check the link I sent you earlier - all information is available on Subscan.

Now I can see, thanks again for your support.

Sorry, I have also Picasso crowdloan. But I don’t see any token in my wallet. I need to do something to mclaim the rewards?

I suggest you ask on their Forum/Discord mate.