Council Motion 9: Opening HRMP channels between Altair and Karura

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The Altair council has proposed a motion for opening the HRMP channel between Altair and Karura. This will make it possible to transfer AIR and kUSD between the two blockchains.

Link to the motion in the portal: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Link to the motion on Subscan: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

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Once the councillors have voted on this motion, and it has passed, it will be followed by another motion (10) to fast-track it so it will be enacted as soon the referendum vote ends.

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Once the proposal has become a referendum, all token holders can use their AIR to vote on it. The referendum will be open for people to vote on for ~901 blocks (~7.5 hours with an average block time of 30 sec).

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Remember, that you don’t lose your AIR by voting on referenda - they are just locked for the duration of the vote. After that, they will be available for transfer again. You can make your vote count for more by voting with conviction which means that you can vote with up to 6X the amount of tokens you have, by locking them for a longer period of time.

If you want to know how voting with conviction works, you can check this manual .

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Council motion 9 to open the HRMP channels between Altair and Karura has passed.

Council motion 10 to fast track it has also passed.

Referendum 4 is now open for around ~901 blocks (~7.5 hours with an average block time of 30 sec).

You can vote here.

Referendum 4 to open the HRMP channels between Karura and Altair has successfully passed with a SimpleMajority at block 1026039

Aye 388,045.36 AIR / Nay 0 AIR / Failing Threshold 388,045.36 AIR

Thank you for voting everyone! Link to the referendum on Subscan:Subscan | Democracy Referenda Detail: 4

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