[Collator Introduction] Validatrium

@Validatrium is a great team of 11, where each member is a professional in his field.
We have: 2 Devops, 1 Fullstack Dev, experienced community (5) and tech (3) managers.

Over past two years we have set up 100+ nodes in 65+ networks, including

  • ETH 2.0,
  • Hydradx,
  • Kava,
  • Polkdadex,
  • Oasis,
  • Kusama,
  • Velas,
  • BitSong,
  • Centrifuge,
  • Axelar,
  • Evmos,
  • Clover,
  • Ki Chain,
  • Umbrella,
  • Sifchain,
  • Lum,
  • Near
    etc., with fair rates and continued support to the community.

Validatrium takes part to benefit each project we are working with, we tend to create different tutorials to support community with a step-by-step solutions on running nodes, creating wallets, minting tokens, staking, setting up node health check notifications, etc.
Depending on the project, our team is always trying to find the best solution to engage community and create something special to ease process of joining the project and developing it.
Team is always ready to answer questions via discord, telegram, twitter, etc.
Validatrium has it’s own community channels, where we promote projects, share tutorials, and let our community know about any critical updates and contests.