Centrifuge Chinese Community: Look Forward to a Vibrant Year of the Dragon (Centrifuge中文社区:展望充满活力的龙年)

As the lunar new year bells toll very soon, heralding the auspicious Year of the Dragon, I extend, on behalf of the Centrifuge Chinese Community, our heartfelt wishes to everyone here at Centrifuge. May the Dragon Year bring prosperity, booming business, and a wealth of fortune to all.

Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Engagements and Community Growth

2023 was a dynamic year for the Centrifuge Chinese Community. Not only did we witness pivotal moments like the second round of Polkadot unlock, but we also had the privilege of joining forces with projects like Bifrost, Interlay, and HydraDX in a Twitter Space hosted by AIWeb3, engaging hundreds in lively discussions. This event significantly boosted our Twitter followers to over four thousand. You can find the record of this activity here and recording if you miss it: here.

Looking Ahead: Celebrations and Collaborations

In the new year, we plan to host more exciting activities to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Keep an eye on our official Twitter and official Telegram for the latest updates. Through collaborations with other projects and the dedicated efforts of our Chinese ambassadors, we aim to share more high-quality educational videos and articles, drawing more people into our community to learn about Centrifuge and experience its products.

Appreciating Our Chinese Ambassadors: Creativity and Contribution

Our Chinese ambassadors have made tremendous contributions over the past year, creating outstanding content about Centrifuge that has broadened awareness of the project. This includes Alice’s summary of Centrifuge’s progress in January here, Qingniu’s video sharing CFG data link one, link two, comparisons with other projects video, and a summary of the fourth quarter video. Additionally, there’s a fantastic summary of Centrifuge’s RWA track video and news about Centrifuge receiving investment from Polkadot video, among others. We encourage community members to like and comment on these excellent works as a token of appreciation for the ambassadors’ hard work.

Future Outlook: Education, Collaboration, and Growth

Looking forward to 2024, the Centrifuge Chinese Community will continue to share high-quality educational content through collaborations with other projects and the efforts of our Chinese ambassadors. Our goal is to host more activities to attract more people into our community to deepen their understanding of Centrifuge and its offerings.

In closing, I wish all friends of the Centrifuge community prosperity and good fortune in the Year of the Dragon! A small gift, AIWeb3 (aiweb3 | Twitter | Linktree) is sharing a Dragon card redemption code below—enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the official Centrifuge community or contact me directly (Twitter: cao_lab or directly find me in the Centrifuge TG). We look forward to embracing a more splendid 2024 together!



2023年对Centrifuge中文社区来说是充满活力的一年。我们不仅见证了波卡第二轮解锁的历史时刻,还与Bifrost、Interlay、HydraDX等项目方一起参与了AIWeb3组织的推特空间活动。这次活动吸引了数百人的热烈讨论,也使我们的推特粉丝数增加到了超过四千。相关活动记录可以在这里找到, 以及录像:这里




我们的中文大使们在过去一年里为社区做出了巨大贡献,他们创作了许多关于Centrifuge的优秀作品,包括但不限于Alice总结的Centrifuge 1月份进展,青牛分享的CFG数据视频链接一链接二以及与其他项目方的比较视频和第四季度总结视频。此外,还有精彩的Centrifuge RWA赛道总结视频和Centrifuge获得Polkadot投资的视频等。我们鼓励社区成员为这些优秀作品点赞和留言,以表达对大使们辛勤工作的认可。



最后,我再次祝愿所有Centrifuge社区的朋友们在龙年里一切顺利,吉祥如意!作为社区的一份小礼物,AIWeb3社区 (linktr.ee/aiweb3) 在此分享龙卡兑换码,希望大家喜欢。如果您有任何问题,欢迎联系我们Centrifuge的官方社区,或直接联系我。我们期待与您一起迎接更加辉煌的2024年!


Centrifuge Ambassador in charge of Asian market: Dr CAO, Twitter: https://twitter.com/cao_lab , Telegram: ahjxcrz


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