BlockTower Credit - Arranger Introduction

:wave: Hi Centrifuge Community,

We’re excited to officially introduce ourselves on the Centrifuge forum! Though many of you may already know us, we felt it was a good time to share more about BlockTower and who we are.

BlockTower is an SEC-registered digital asset and blockchain investment firm founded in 2017 by Ari Paul (CIO) and Matthew Goetz (CEO). The firm manages well over half a billion dollars and draws from decades of combined experience across professional investing and trading, early-stage venture capital, and credit. If you’re interested in learning more about our firm, we welcome you to read our overview here.

Several members of the BlockTower team spent countless hours thinking through the future of assets on-chain, so much so that we’ve published an article about this on Packy McCormick’s Not Boring blog (see post here). For this reason, we were compelled to be investors in the Centrifuge team (see The Block article here) and partners in achieving the platform’s mission.

Today, we work with Centrifuge through nearly every one of our funds and businesses. Notably, we have been close partners in engaging MakerDAO on creating up to four new real-world asset vaults using the Tinlake protocol (see our proposal here). Beyond this, we’re also active members of the same cluster in Maker’s Endgame Plan (see joint announcement here).

With so many initiatives in the pipeline, we wanted to take this moment to connect with the Centrifuge community and further the conversation. On that note, please do not hesitate to let us know what is on the top of your mind. Otherwise, look out for our upcoming POP, where we will outline in greater detail our active proposal. We are eager to engage any and all members who are on this journey together!


Any projections or forecasts contained in this document are speculative in nature, as matters they describe are subject to known (and unknown) risks, uncertainties and other unpredictable factors. Investing in newer and smaller asset classes such as cryptocurrencies is speculative, risky and unsuitable for some investors even when representing only a portion of a broader investment program. The graphs, charts and other visual aids are provided for informational purposes only. No representation is made that these will assist any person in making investment decisions and no graph, chart or other visual aid can capture all factors and variables required in making such decisions. Certain links, too, are provided as a convenience and do not imply the Adviser’s sponsorship or approval of any third-party websites or their content.


Thanks for the introduction and welcome to Centrifuge!

Very excited with the ongoing collaboration and looking forward to see a pool to be launched on Centrifuge (hopefully) soon! :star_struck: :rocket:

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@BlockTower , excited to hear! I am curious, what is the ending borrowing rate?** for you guys? And how do you choose who to lend it to? @Tjure07

GM all, question for @BlockTower team: is it going to be possible to invest into the junior tranches (assuming KYC/AML is ok)? Thanks!

Hi c7star. Currently the Junior-tranche for TIN-tokens is not open for public investments. If you want to inquire directly you can send as well an email to Blocktower (

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