2023-2-2 | Centrifuge Community Call #28 / Pool Party with Blocktower!

We’re shaking things up and turning the Community Call #28 into the Blocktower Credit Pool Party! :100: :man_swimming: :goggles:
The launch of a $220 million fund with BlockTower Credit and MakerDAO at the end of 2022 will see the deployment of four Centrifuge Pools paired to four Maker Vaults enabling private credit to be securitized and financed through Centrifuge.

BlockTower Credit is a professional asset manager that specializes in credit origination and investment management. It is the credit franchise of BlockTower Capital, an SEC-registered digital asset and blockchain investment firm founded in 2017, applying the skills of professional underwriting, structuring and investing at the intersection of real-world credit and DeFi.

This is the Centrifuge’s DAOs opportunity to meet the BlockTower Credit team, ask questions about what they do, the structure of their Pools, and the opportunities they see on the horizon.

Please add any questions you have for Blocktower as replies to this post below.

Join us as part of the Centrifuge Community / Pool Party on Thursday 2 February at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST in this room

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Good morning! :hugs:

I have some questions for BT!

  • I’m curious to know why BlockTower chooses to invest in and through Centrifuge in RWA. What makes Centrifuge special for BT?
  • What is the BT long-term goal for the next 3-5 years with RWA?
  • We are in a bear market and usually, all try to keep the wallet “closed”, but BT with Maker, just now, launched 4 pools. Why now? What prevented you from doing it earlier?

Keep the questions coming!

Here’s a couple of mine

  • What are some of the credits / assets actually being represented in each Pool?

  • What’s missing from the Centrifuge experience that you think will be important for BT to scale?

  • How are your future growth and business development conversations going and what can you share with us specifically that’s exciting?


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