[Altair Collator Introduction] 🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊

Hello everybody, I’m Luca Poggi, founder of :ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube:

I’m in the crypto space since summer 2014 and active in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem since 2019, starting with ChainX (where :ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube: was born).

:ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube: provides secure non-custodial staking services as validators on relaychains and collators on parachains of Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

Experienced validators on:

  • Polkadot (also in 1kV program since 27th March 2021)
  • Kusama (also in 1kV program since 6th February 2021)
  • ChainX since December 2020

Experienced collators on:

  • Moonbeam: since the chain launch with 100% of time in the active set and 0% of time in the waiting list
  • Astar: since the chain launch with no slashes
  • Shiden: since the chain launch with no slashes
  • Calamari: since the launch of DPoS
  • Bifrost: since the chain launch
  • Turing: since the chain launch
  • Zeitgeist: since the chain launch and top delegated collator (rank #1 as ZTG staked amount)
  • Basilisk: selected by the team
  • Pioneer Bit.Country: permissionless collator
  • InvArch Tinkernet: selected by the team
  • Kintsugi: permissionless collator
  • Amplitude: since the chain launch and selected by the team
  • GM: as supporter of the project
  • Statemine: as supporter of the common good parachain

Also supporting various testnets of projects above and also outside Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem.

All informations can be checked and verified on chain using various tools like subscan.io, stakeglmr.com, app.manta.network/calamari/stake, stakebnc.com, staketur.com, stakeztg.com and Polkadot/Substrate Portal

:ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube: infrastructure:

  • Only bare-metal dedicated server machines
  • Mainly located on Europe (France, Holland, Finland) and USA
  • Always a MAIN and BACKUP server for each validator/collator
  • Full automated failover script
  • Full monitoring and alert system 24/7
  • Servers are located in different countries and datacenter providers to avoid any downtime due to environmental accidents and legal restrictions

The team members are highly involved on community activities, governance on chain and technical support to projects teams during various phases of their roadmap (for example on Calamari: Calamari bug on block assignment Β· Issue #845 Β· Manta-Network/Manta Β· GitHub and Discord).
Michele is our CMO dedicated 24h/day in managing the community (international and italian) for the projects in which we are running validators/collators (you can check main Telegram groups of the projects listed above).

:ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube: is founder member of the Italian community for Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems (each parachain has its own group, and we would like to propose us as volunteers to manage the italian community of Centrifuge & Altair on Telegram).

Also regarding community activity I was invited by The Crypto Gateway channel for a LIVE on YouTube about Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem: POLKADOT E KUSAMA: TUTTO quello che DEVI SAPERE ed Γ¨ IN ARRIVO NEL 2023 - YouTube
The Crypto Gateway is the top #1 italian crypto youtuber (https://www.youtube.com/@thecryptogateway/community).

Always available for any request:

Thank you for the opportunity and very happy to support Altair! :love_you_gesture: :heart:

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Ciao Luca! Thanks for your collator introduction. The Altair collator set is currently filled. Please check official announcement in the future if new collators will be onboarded

Thank you Christian!
Yeah I know that 2nd batch for Altair collators is already filled. Unfortunately we missed this 2nd batch of collators onboarding, but we will look forward for next ones!
@ImdioR suggested us to submit our introduction on the forum and with the next onboarding our application will be revised.

So please consider it for the next batch!

PS: posted also for Centrifuge ([Centrifuge Collator Introduction] 🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊)

Very interested on running a collator for Altair and Centrifuge and very interested on your election system


Yes, that’s the way it should be. Posting your introduction is the right way to start the process and every submission will be considered for the next selection-cycle.

Good luck to you!

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