[Altair Collator Application] Forbole

Hello Altair Community!

My name is Shilin and I am from Forbole. Forbole is a people-centric technology company in the web3 era. Our mission is to empower people by building decentralized infrastructure that supports a free and open metaverse.

We are a well-established professional blockchain staking service provider who has been in the staking service business for over 4 years. As of today, we are validating and operating nodes on 60 blockchain networks and bridges mainnets, more if included testnets, including Cosmos Hub, Solana, Kusama, Eth 2.0 staking, Wormhole, Axelar, Osmosis… Our knowledge covers different major blockchain ecosystems. We are also familiar with collator nodes setup as we have run collators on Moonriver and Bifrost before. Forbole is trusted by thousands of stakers all over the world, securing billion-dollar worth of crypto assets.

Our team consists of experienced engineers, creative marketers and talented designers. We implement enterprise-grade security protocols on our nodes with multiple industry-standard monitoring tools to ensure node performance. Our team is on call 24/7 to react to any emergencies, while all mainnet nodes have 2-3 backups in different regions, so that our nodes would never see any critical downtime.

Besides running blockchain infrastructure, we also develop open-source softwares for individual token holders including the popular Big Dipper explorers and wallet. As a responsible staking service provider, we are also actively participating in network governance to make sure our delegators rights are protected.

We have participated in the Altair crowdloan with a considerable amount. We have enough assets for self-bonding into the collator set, hence we’d like to apply for a collator spot and hope to contribute to the community more in the near future. We have a large follower base in the Chinese speaking community, and are happy to help in engaging more Chinese audience for Altair from marketing perspective too.

Please consider us in Altair collator set. If you have any questions, please reach out at [email protected]. Look forward to joining the community in the near future!

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Hi Shilin.

Thanks for your collator introduction. The collator set for Altair is full at the moment. Please follow our channels in case the collator set becomes enhanced