Aegis Custody wants to help grow Centrifuge

Hey Everyone,

I’m David Swaney - I work for Aegis Custody, a Qualified Custodian that is licensed in Hong Kong and the United States. Aegis offers custody and staking services for institutional partners. I started my crypto career in 2017 when I was working in SaaS and saw that Ethereum had the ability to wildly outperform Web2 applications with fewer employees while boasting organic growth.

I’ve worked for a few CEXs, as well as participated in early DeFi applications like ETHLend and LINK, known as Aave and Chainlink. Lifelong Degen and always looking to bring in more capital to the masses without accreditation limitations.

I’m personally bullish on Centrifuge and bringing RWAs on-chain for the ability to audit without manipulation and access to broader liquidity. I’ve spoken with several large players in the commercial real estate space and digitizing RWAs is of serious interest. I hope we’re able to push Centrifuge along the right path and continue to grow as a community. Thanks for reading.



Welcome on board @Dave_At_AegisCustody! It’s great to have such an experienced and passionate ambassador for RWAs in our community.

Hi Dave, Welcome to the community! :wave:

I think with your experience you will bring a lot of financial acumen to the community. I look forward to seeing you involved in our conversations!

I could also see a lot of benefit from you working with potential issuers in the near future!

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Hi Dave!

Thanks for being here and sharing your background!