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Hi Centrifuge Community,

I’m Alessandro Zamboni ( Alessandro Zamboni | LinkedIn), the founder of Supply@ME Capital plc (supplymecapital.com).

Our story is very easy to understand and it’s great to see Centrifuge’ initiative.

I spent 20 years on the consulting space (regulatory & risk management projects for Financial Service), Then in 2014, together with the former Head of Supervisory of Bank of Italy, I launched a couple of fintech initiatives. One of those was Supply@ME.

Supply@ME was different since we launched an Inventory Monetisation platform (when all the platforms were focussed on the receivables financing).

Inventory Monetisation is NOT financing (basically a Corporation can sell the inventory our platform and continue to use the goods for their operations without generating further debt). I was the first one who came in 2015 to the Regulators, leveraging our network, asking to tokenise inventories attracting the upcoming digital assets community and fiat investors.

We didn’t think about Covid, Ukraine, shortage of goods among supply chains …

The demand for our service is now huge, across the globe.

We hope Centrifuge and Tinlake can help the real economy through the Supply@ME Platform!

All the best

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Ciao Alessandro. Welcome to Centrifuge and thank you for your submission to the POP-process!

Could you please add more information about your business according to the POP-template?

Good day Alessandro Zamboni
Welcome to Centrifuge Forum.
I would like to share links and documentation that describe the correct Pool Onboarding Proposal process - POP.

Please follow the described procedure above in case you would like to be onboarded.
If you still have questions feel free to ask.
Best regards.


Thank you for your swift reply.

POP form submitted!

Thank you for your reply and the documentation shared.

POP form submitted!

Best regards

Thanks, Alex. Let’s continue the process and any comments in the Submission-post

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