Vested CFG (how it work?)

hello guys.
i just want to ask. found out that my vested cfg increasing…
i have no idea what it is.

the bonded amount i believe is the one i staked.
how ever the trasnferrable and the vested i dont know how it work… can i stake them also?

When you participated in the ICO in option 2, your CFG would be vesting over 2 years. Which means that they are unlocked linearly block by block (every 12 seconds). You can always click the three dots on the right and select “Unlock vested amount” and then they will become transferrable. After 2 years all your CFG will be fully unlocked.

And the bonded amount is the amount that you have locked yourself for staking.

Notice that it is possible to bond locked tokens as well - so you can stake your tokens even though they are locked.

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thank you for the reply.

i tried to unvested it however i got this message


That’s because it will not be activated until after Runtime Upgrade 4 - you cannot do it now.

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oh thanks again. i tried to unvest it for 4 times if im not mistaken i spend 40 mcfg for the gas…
thanks for reminding me that ill need to wait for runtime 4 before i can unvested it.

yes i got slot and invested in coinlist cfg.
i just wanna know or anticipate in every 12 seconds my cfg being added.
do i expect from the first distributed by the CFG be doubled its quantity?

let say coinlist has sent me a quantity of 500 CFG in my while waiting in 2 years linear would it possible to increase its quantity to 1000+ ? please do not include my bonded CFG…

When I said that it is not activated yet, I was referring to AIR - you can unlock your vesting CFG tokens.

So your CFG from Coinlist will be unlocked linearly every block and the whole amount will be fully unlocked after 2 years (from they starting vesting).

Whether you can double your amount of CFG, I cannot answer - you would need to do some research on your own about the validators and their rewards.

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thanks i really appreciate it.

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