Understanding Fixed Income Products

With increasing interest in bringing fixed income onchain, it’s more important than ever to understand the ecosystem of finance’s credit products. Tokenizing these products offers enhanced transparency, liquidity, and efficiency through overcoming the constraints of traditional financial systems.

Likewise, an understanding of these products is important in constructing an RWA investment portfolio. The Centrifuge Credit Group, a decentralized group of credit professionals, has provided asset primers on all major categories of the fixed income market.

Keep reading for an a summary of these asset primers and an overview of the different types of fixed income products!

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Extremely valuable thank you for sharing!

I agree that there is high demand for tokenized, non-investment grade bonds. While the potential returns are attractive, I have concerns about security and stability. We have seen billions of dollars worth of hacks in the ecosystem since 2016.

Anyway, the article is useful. Thanks for sharing :heart:

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Thank you for sharing. I have couple of question on this when you are considering to take the Fixed income Products to retail or smaller invertors the grading system is really helpful.
But to my understanding the its mainly the banks or the financial institutions that evaluate the grading and also most of them are focus on US market. How do we can explore this information for opportunities outside US like in Europe or UK for example.