RFC: Additional CFG Token Utility

I think it’s important to highlight the POP Process now given your points above: Pool Onboarding Proposal (POP) - Centrifuge Governance Forum

There’s nothing stopping anyone in the Centrifuge Community, Defi broadly, or in broader traditional credit markets from seeking to securitize their debt on chain and finance it through Centrifuge.

As a community, if we think these opportunities exist, if you’re excited to see these markets open up and find capital in Defi…

I encourage you to point them to the POP.

That’s why it exists – a safe place to land and begin to engage with the community and find a way forward for financing RWAs on-chain.



Proposition #1 is alright for me since the beginning nothing major to add, maybe once the transactional value will go much higher, we will need to think about a flexible mathematical model on how much fee should be charged and burn, like the DAO would like a burn of 3% per year, so based on the current last 30D transactional fee burn the new fee rate will be X… but we are not there yet…

Proposition #2 I like the staking of CFG idea to show the support toward a new pool, but i don’t like the idea of giving to the stakers CFG as a reward, it would be much preferable to reward them with DAI/USDC or any other stable coin wich would come from a “support” fee wich would be taken from the lenders APY.
Why? Because giving them CFG as a reward will make us go backward in the pressure selling loop that we are currently in, plus I really believe that DEFI protocols should generate cash flow for its holder, in order to, reward them directly (like in this case.) or build a treasury for its Governance/DAO, it would be insane to belive that Centrifuge could ever became 100% community/token holder governed without having a strong treasury!

So yeah #Additional considerations Find a way to create cash flow for the Centrifuge DAO !


The proposed protocol fees (minting nft, borrowing tnx). Is it the AO who incures the cost, i mean who pays thise fees?

Good question, I think

Agree on that most holders would probably lack the experise knowledge to do so. It reminds me of the prediction markets (Zeitgeist are working on)