RFC: Add a block reward and improve Collators cycle

Thank you for the clarification.

As an Altair collator myself, I support the idea of creating a separate topic where we’d be able to discuss about the Altair collator block rewards.

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ah thanks for clarifying - very much appreciated.
Looking forward to the progress regarding the implementation of the parachain-staking pallet.

will definitely support this proposal as others have already stated it’s a reasonable approach and rewarding collators so they are able to operate and maintain servers should at least be covered cost wise, else they might turn to cheaper / lower speced machines which can harm the network.

will also follow and looking forward to the extension of the external collator set for Centrifuge

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Good day Pathrock, thank you for your comment and feedback.
As I know the Team already started working on an extension of the Collator set.

If you have time I would like to invite you to read, participate and comment on this article:

We want to hear your feedback :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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This Proposal has been submitted to the Proposal Repository on Github so it is now final.

Link to proposal on GitHub: cps/CP6.md at main · centrifuge/cps · GitHub

There are no changes made to the initial proposal:

  • Implement a block reward to Centrifuge Parachain
  • Improvement of Collator Reward Cycle

The proposal has now moved on to snapshot vote.

Thanks, everyone!

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Hello Community! :raised_hand:
The snapshot vote for this proposal has passed.

Voted: 4.96M CFG
Voters: 30

We will keep the community updated on the progress here in this post.
Thank everyone for voting and for participating.