POP Criteria Score: SafeGuard Real Estate Fund

The Centrifuge community has reviewed the POP for SafeGuard Real Estate Fund, based on the 10 criteria, and the result is: :six: / :ten:.


For each criteria, either a :zero: (criteria not met) or :one: (criteria met) will be given.

Below you will find the results of the individual criteria:

Business Years in Operation: :one:
Off-Chain Institutional Investors: :one:
Strong Pipeline: :one:
Volume Originated last 2 years: :zero:
Historical Loan Tape: :one:
TIN Tranche: :zero:
DROP Tranche: :zero:
Pool Value at Launch: :zero:
Pool Value in 1 Year: :one:
Asset Maturity: :one:


:no_entry_sign: This proposal does not meet the threshold of >66%.


The Centrifuge DAO may still give a recommendation and this POP may continue to advocate for their proposal publicly in the Forum and seek a path forward to finance RWAs through Centrifuge. However, a POP should be aware that the other organizations (underwriters and institutional investors) do not have a requirement to engage nor do any of the following steps in the POP process.

If you want to see all the steps of Stage 1 of the POP process, you can check this post here.