POP Criteria Score: Havenly Digital, Residential Mortgage Asset Fund

The Centrifuge community has reviewed the POP for Havenly Digital, Residential Mortgage Asset Fund, based on the 10 criteria, and the result is: :eight: / :ten:.


For each criteria, either a :zero: (criteria not met) or :one: (criteria met) will be given.

Below you will find the results of the individual criteria:

Business Years in Operation: :one:
Off-Chain Institutional Investors: :one:
Strong Pipeline: :one:
Volume Originated last 2 years: :one:
Historical Loan Tape: :one:
TIN Tranche: :one:
DROP Tranche: :one:
Pool Value at Launch: :zero:
Pool Value in 1 Year: :zero:
Asset Maturity: :one:


:white_check_mark: This proposal meets the threshold of >66% and has passed step 2.


Step 3 will be to get a recommendation from the Centrifuge DAO and the result will be published here on the Forum.

If you want to see all the steps of Stage 1 of the POP process, you can check this post here.


For this opportunity, I think there’s significant effort going into how this Pool will be funded.

Before continuing, I think that process should be allowed to play out and take a bit more time to mature.

As well, I mentioned in the Havenly Digital POP Application: [Issuer] Havenly Digital, Residential Mortgage Asset Fund - #7 by ctcunning

There’s nearly $1B in loans being processed annually through Havenly’s partner.

I’d like to know how their could be collaboration and coordination around that opportunity.