Poll: The POP Process: Proposal (Stage 1)

This poll is for the approval of the POP Process for onboarding Pools onto Centrifuge.

The Proposal Stage of the POP is composed of 7 steps with the objective of reaching Stage 2 Assessment.

As Stage 1 is a first version and designed with scale in mind, the expectation is that all POPs will follow the same path of introducing themselves to the Centrifuge community by submitting a proposal to finance RWAs through a Centrifuge Pool.

This stage could change through community governance in later iterations. All Centrifuge community Members and Ecosystem Partners will have (and should take!) the opportunity to voice their opinions and vote via the Forum Polls which will serve as Temperature Checks for POPs to gauge community feedback as they progress through the process.

Ideally this process will be completed in 4 weeks, but could take as long as 7 weeks.

The seven steps will include three moments of evaluation, one of which will be a scoring of the POP, and two of which will be off-chain Forum Polls that will serve as Temperature Checks. These moments are highlighted in the above diagram in green, with 66% serving as the threshold for support for continuing in the Centrifuge POP Process.

With that, let’s dive into details on the seven steps below:

  1. POP Submission
  2. POP Criteria Score
  3. Centrifuge DAO Recommendation(s)
  4. Forum Poll: Pool Party
  5. Pool Party Presentation
  6. Assessment Stage Recommendation(s)
  7. Forum Poll: Assessment Stage

More detailed outline here in the original RFC post:

**Note: This process is open-ended and can be adjusted over time through Governance.

Do you agree with the 7 proposed steps in stage 1 for the POP process?
  • Yes
  • No
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The poll remains open for one week until 18.05.2022.
Looking forward to your input!


:cyclone:Good day dear Community:cyclone:

Poll for the POP Process: Proposal (Stage 1) ended this night and the poll has passed unanimously. Implementation of the POP process will move to the next phase.
It is great to see this much support for the launch of new pools on Centrifuge! We would like to thank everyone who participated in off-chain voting.

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