Poll: Pool Party Intero Capital Solutions

Good day Centrifuge Community!

The proposal to POP Intero Capital Solutions to present a Pool Party.

This poll follows the preliminary RFC posted here:

Following recommendations and governance process we would like to ask Community vote via off-chain voting.

Would you like this POP Intero Capital Solutions to present a Pool Party?
  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

The poll remains open until 21.06.2022.
Thank you for voting!


Thanks everyone for voting.
The poll was closed with 14 votes Aye and 0 Nay.


Hello Community,

Grab your suit, a floatie, and a drink – we’re diving into our fourth Pool Party!

We’re excited to bring you for the first time as part of the new POP-process a pool presentation by Intero Capital Solutions! :100: :eyes:
Pool Party Details

  • Date: June 22 – 6pm CET, 12pm EST
  • Issuer: Intero Capital Solutions
  • Agenda
    • Pool Introduction
    • Interview+Q&As
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