[Issuer] END_Bridge


An early, new and different bridge to the future of finance

|Company Name| END_Bridge

|Website| N/A

|Asset Type| On-chain Real World Asset DeFi credit pools

|MIP 6 Application| N/A



Please give a brief history of the company and, if applicable, group structure.

The END Company has created END_Bridge, which is an early, new and different bridge to the future of finance. The END Company was founded in July 2021 by Jason Jones, former Chief Commercial Officer at Centrifuge. END_Bridge will be an issuer and underwriter on Tinlake.


How many full-time equivalent team members do you have and what do they do?

Jason is the only full-time employee of END_Bridge.
Twitter: @thedoctor_j
Linkedin: Jason Jones, Entrepreneur
Discourse: @thedoctor_j
Medium Post: Why I Joined Centrifuge

Have you sold equity? Are you venture funded, if so please describe the previous rounds, money invested, and lead investors.

END_Bridge and self-funded and capitalized to operate without any further need for capital over the next two years.

Is your business sustainably profitable or well funded with sufficient cash runway?

See above

Asset Details

Describe the asset collateral that you seek to finance.

END_Bridge will opportunistically finance technology driven fintech asset originators. END_Bridge will score and price the risk of the asset, structure the credit facility, and issue DROP and TIN tokens using Centrifuge infrastructure.

Describe your previous track record related to this business proposal.

As a brand new organization END_Bridge does not have a track record. Mr. Jones, however, has been financing technology driven fintech asset originators since 2011. He has launched several businesses that collectively have focused on utilizing technology to increase access to capital while lowering the cost of capital. He has been intimately involved in the formation of the alternative credit industry over the past 10 years and has worked in the crypto industry since 2017.

What is the average collateral asset size?

The collateral size will vary depending on the type of originator. The collateral could range from small dollar payment advances to real estate bridge loans in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to credit portfolio purchases in the millions of dollars.

Describe the risk of the assets you are proposing. How do you evaluate and manage that risk?

The risk will vary depending on the type of originator. END_Bridge will work on everything from riskier start-ups to low-risk fully rated securitizations. END_Bridge will evaluate the risk of the originator and its assets and will structure a pool that optimizes the risk and rewards for DROP and TIN investors.


Please describe any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest or any relationship that could compromise or be viewed to compromise the decision making of the company.

There are no conflicts of interest.

Are there or have there been in the last 10 years, any criminal, civil, regulatory or administrative proceedings against (i) the Company or any of its principals or (ii) the product in any similar such matters including reparations, arbitrations, and negotiated settlements? If so, please describe.


Are there any further disclosures that interested parties should be aware of?

Mr. Jones was Chief Commercial Officer at Centrifuge from October 2019 to June 2021. He owns a material amount of Centrifuge tokens and has a clear incentive to see Centrifuge succeed. Mr. Jones’ economic interests are aligned with Centrifuge. He does not consider this to be a conflict of interest, but he does consider it to be an important disclosure for any potential investor in an END_Bridge pool.


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We introduced our first pool today, the Gig Pool. Check it out here: Intro to the Gig Pool

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