Factoring fund for fixed income investments in Colombia

I am a broker in Cali Colombia. We are a group of 15 freelance brokers that manage investors and suppliers that sell their receivables at discount. The actual size of our portfolio is 40 million usd, in colombian pesos. Due to the strong increase in rates of the central bank, there is a strong need for cash and the commercial banks are not helping the industry in multiple sectors, we are one of the private companies that cover that space. Even with the weaking of our currency, that seems has maxed out we are able to get a yield of 18% pa in colombian pesos, and if we cover the usd rate we can get 15% net yield of fixed income rate with triple a companies in colombia,

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Hi @eaglecyberinvestment, thank you for your message. If your intention is to launch a pool on Centrifuge to finance your receivables, I recommend to read our Pool Onboarding Proposal (POP) here and afterwards submit an official proposal, using this template.

However, there is a new version of the POP (V2) coming.

Rhano, I read the POP template and criteria, And i would like to have your assetsmente on how should i offer it, because our model here is that we have multiple investors entering in an invoice, in a sort of way it is a revolving process too, but the investor decides to buy a piece of an invoice, and we group alot of investors to complete the invoice sold at discount. my plan is to have the poool to be one of those investors, what I am trying to achieve is to pay what we pay the investors to the pool, in regards to tinlake{s model how can I adopt it to the TIN and DROP token, and how can I adopt it in a way that I meet the criteria, we have been doing this business for more than 20 years, what we do is manage the recollection of payments for our investors, which are liquid family offices in our country,and alot of investors, but I can manage to invest at least 10 million usd in this month at a 17% apr in colombian pesos, and normally we have more assetts to buy when we have this availability. Right now we have 40 million usd in invoices to be paid. We just connect the investors with the payor which is the triple a company, and we can manage for example for the pool to be completely diversified in multple payors, and structure it in way that in the legal system, the pool is the owner of the assets, we only manage the operations for the pool here in the country, all can be managed in trusts within the financial system here. hope you can help me fndiing a way to present correctly the proposal.


as Rhano already said, the best advice is to make yourself familiar with the POP-process to find out if your assets are suitable to be launched in a Tinlake pool. There are certain requirements to be met before we can proceed with the onboarding.
The POP is an indicator for both the issuer and Centrifuge if the assets fit into the business model.

I recommend to take a look into other submissions to get an idea what is needed and which obstacles might occur.

Feel free to post your questions there or contact any of the issuers of pools which already launched in Tinlake to get an idea about the process