Difference between Days Outstanding vs Maturity Date

Hi everyone,

Can anyone elaborate on the difference between these two attributes
Days Outstanding and Maturity Date.


Hi @zouhairstitou.

can you specify which Days Outstanding you are referring to? The Maturity date of the individual assets is the date when the corresponding financing is expected to be paid pack. For invoice financing it aligns e.g. with the due date.


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Dennis, thanks for the feedback. I knew about the maturity date. It was just confusing the mentioning of maturity date/terms payment or days outstanding alternatively at the same line.

Days outstanding may effectively mean the same as maturity date. But it may contain more by referring to redemption or repurchase of the debt contract.

Terms payment is more about the scheme used for paying both interest and the principal proceeds at maturity

Thanks, and it is appreciated if a glossary of the precise meaning in each asset origination will be accompanied in the asset cheat

Maturity is when an obligation becomes due. Days (Sales) Outstanding is the average time it takes an organisation to collect its debt. This can be less than the maturity but will typically be longer and therefore adversely impacts cash flow. Hence the need for liquidity in stressed periods.