CP74: Updating Transaction Fees for Pools

Good day LuisG
Thank you for your questions.

Yes. So far only 1 pool was approved by Centrifuge token holders via on-chain vote - Anemoy Fund 1.

And another Issuer submitted his proposal to be onboarded via POP - New Silver 3. As i can see this pool still has not submitted its proposal on GitHub and on-chain voting nor has Credit Group published the Credit report.

Important note: All new pools will be onboarded on the Centrifuge Chain.

Please note, i`m not a Dev so in this case i leave the answer to PEG - Protocol Engineering Group - to give a professional answer here.
The transaction fees right now will be the same for all pools regardless of the amount of liquidity in the pool. In comparison with fees on ETH, these fees are much lower and they will be directed in 100% to the Centrifuge DAO Treasury wallet.

However, i think, that in case of necessity, the work logic could be extended and add calls could be added to the pallet:

  • Pool A with 10$ M TVL use fees:
Repay Asset (loans: repay_A) CFG 2
Close Asset (loans: close_A) CFG 2
  • Pool B with 30$ M TVL use fees:
Repay Asset (loans: repay_B) CFG 4
Close Asset (loans: close_B) CFG 4

However, these fees are so small, so not sure if the time requested for development and change is worth the end result right now with not so many pools on Cent Chain. IMHO (I could be wrong)

In the case of Protocol Fees (TVL), your question makes sense, because some pools such as US Treasury pools could be penalized in case of applying the same fee for a 3$ M pool and a 100$ M pool.