ConsolFreight 2023 Q1 Update

Dear Community, my name is Camilo Gutiérrez, I have been working at ConsolFreight for 3 years in the position of Operations Manager.

We wanted to provide you with an update on ConsolFreight and our pool CF4. For the last quarter, ConsolFreight (CF) has been ramping up its effort to stabilise access to liquidity and minimise the impact on our customers.

As you know, the announcement of the closure of Silvergate brought some delays in our funding and repayment processes due to the fact that the OTC we use for transactions was involved in this situation. Fortunately, the delays did not last more than 3 days and we were able to continue with our normal workflow.

We are currently in the process of seeking new clients, which will provide an increase in our operations. Simultaneously, we have been in discussions with potential investors to increase the liquidity of our pool.

Also, we are pleased to notify you that our CF4 pool is currently on excellent terms. This has been possible due to working closely with our clients and with our most supportive investors.

Thank you all for your continued support and patronage.

Regards on behalf of the ConsolFreight team

CG, AG, EV and JT


@CamiloG Thanks for the update. How are the industry forecasts looking for trade finance? Any more industry analysis you can share?

I initiated a redemption of my DROP holding about a week ago, but it is stuck saying “Locked redemptions are executed at the end of the epoch (0 min remaining).” Is there an issue, when will the step to release my DAI be executed?